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Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenidos and Dobro Pozhalovat’ to Helen Hёrst’ website!
My name is still Alona and I am keeping my blog under the nickname Helen Hёrst already since 2007. It was created by my best friend Anton Reznichenko, the genius IT-guy from my home city, as the biggest present, since I often feel like sharing my impressions and thoughts with people (online as offline).
Till now the blog has existed only in my native language which is Russian. From now on I promise to write everything also in English in order to make it readable for my friends from all over the world.
On your right you can see the column of English sections of my blog. Here you’ll find basic info about me, some pictures, and the story of my European movements. My main passion is music and there was a time I was making music by myself, more about it you can read in My Mania.
In articles and notes you will find some random thoughts of mine listed in Blog, some photo galleries as well as some articles about cities and countries I’ve had luck to visit. In every city there are some very special places which are definitely worth a visit. My digs is about the concerts and festivals I have already visited, hope, there are going to be more and more. Education is oriented on people wishing to study in Russia, Germany or Spain since I have some experience in this field. And sometimes I also read books. About the ones I’ve read and liked here.
All the articles and pictures are open for comments. The comments in my Guest Book are greatly welcome as well.
You can also keep in touch with me via different channels which you’ll find in the section Contact.
Enjoy your life and my blog.
Hel. H.

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