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It’s been long since I wrote something here. It’s just I didn’t have time, and then internet, and then I was just way too lazy. Still it’s time to make an update since I have got many news.

On the 19th of June I defended my bachelor thesis about the «Consequences of a major sports event for the tourism on the example of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia» and especially in my home city Saransk.

As it usually happens, most of the time I should’ve spent on my thesis I did something else… working, trying to learn italian, traveling, singing in the choir, doing the driver license, going to the gym… Thus the last 6 weeks were extremely stressful. The result was surprisingly good though — I got 1,0 (which is the best mark here in Germany).

This way my studies at the university of applied sciences in Bremen has ended just as the time of school or uni- schedules. Instead of them the time to make serious adult decisions has come. What to do further? Search for a job? Or maybe postpone these decisions doing master studies? The variety of opportunities as well as lack of a certain experience almost trapped me into a crisis. Still I decided to search for a job and started to send out the applications to different touristic organizations.

I always wanted to live and work in a big city, which you can discover every day by going to different places or meeting new people… I’ve never really liked Bremen. It seamed to me way too small, and rainy, and just boring. So the idea of moving to another city wasn’t any scary but on the contrary exciting.

beautiful bremen

As to the Murphy’s Law I’ve found a perfect job… Although not in Berlin nor Munich, but in a small town called Kevelaer, not far from the border between Germany and the Netherlands. Getting used to the fact of moving to a city with 30.000 inhabitants was definitely not easy for me. Even Bremen started to feel like the capital of the world with a bonus of people I know there, nice roommates, my gym and choir, the places I got used to go… But sometimes you kind of have to set your priorities. So three days after getting a title of the Bachelor of Arts (omg) I’ve put 5 years of my life in Germany into a minivan and drove to the southwest.

bye bye Bremen

It’s been already almost two months since I am a travel specialist for Thailand, where I’m actually going in October (with the purpose of getting to know the product, you know). Every day I go to work with a great pleasure and feel my responsibility for the customers’ vacations in the far away Asiatic country.

I live alone in a big flat. It’s a pretty weird feeling to make you first (even though rented) flat comfortable. Now I have pretty much space and don’t need to try and get all the small stuff into one box anymore. But the weirdest thought is that it’s gonna be my home for another months or even years… My pretty childish brain doesn’t want to accept the coming of the adult life with its attributes. There are some nice attributes of the adult life though. For example MY car.

This april I started to visit a driving school in Bremen and after a couple of months studying with a very patient teacher I’ve done it! From the first try I’ve become a driver. Shortly after coming to Kevelaer I’ve bought a car — Opel Meriva (2005) became my first «victim». Together we cause instability on the roads of the region.

my car

Inspite of the relatively little number of inhabitants, Kevelaer attracts many tourists. First of all, pilgrims willing to visit the Saint Maria Chapel. First this whole religious fuss with processions, Sunday psalm’ singing and the candles lighten up in the main square till the late at night, felt subnormal. But the time gets you used to everything.


Living here means having a constantly contact with the nature. Grazing cows, maize and rye fields… like an eternal summer on the countryside.


The working week goes by very fast, and on the weekend I often play a hostess or go to some neighbor city by car or bike. And everything seems to be great… But there’s a riot somewhere inside, which demands constantly movement, sleepless nights, sweaty concerts, multi-faceted self-fulfillment, loud guitar music and stormy walks. And I really hope that this riot will stay with me as long as possible. Because every youth has to have it’s own riot.

fly away

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