Kasabian in Hamburg 16.11.2011

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Feeling I have lost control

To a higher force and

Music is my all

(Kasabian  ID  2004)

On November 16th I visited one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to — a concert of the British rock-band Kasabian, in Hamburg.


Tom Meighan from Kasabian 16.11.2011


Kasabian was formed 1997 in Leicestershire. For 14 years the band managed to release four studio albums — Kasabian (2004), Empire (2006), West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum (2009). The last album called “Velociraptor!” was released in September of 2011.

Beginning with the first album, the band has been nominated every year for various British musical prizes. Indeed they won in several categories such as for the best album (2009, 2010), as the best contemporary group (2010) and for the song of the year — Fire (2010).

Such titles of course add some points to your self-esteem — so in some last magazine interviews musicians appear to a reader as the new British heroes, the heroes of the exciting present and great future.


I’ve decided to go to this concert already in summer, but as always I was too late with the ticket purchasing. The whole Kasabian Germany tour was sold out, and two weeks before the concert tickets could have been only bought when ordering by phone. Well this opportunity couldn’t have been missed!


The concert took place in the already familiar to me Club Grosse Freiheit 36, located on the one of the bitch-streets (sry for this) of Hamburg. I came to the club, as always, in advance. Immediately at the entrance I met some guys standing in the queue. Even some guys from England came to Germany just to see their favorite band in a small club. Time passed quickly and finally we were allowed to enter the club.


Just as an exception, I preferred not to stand in the front row, but to jump with the crowd in the third. However, visibility from there for me and my irreplaceable concert friend Canon Power Shot SX 130 IS was excellent.


The supporting band was… actually no one really heard its name. I remember the stylish red shoes of the lead singer, who also had pretty much make-up on his eyes. Four uncles near «forty» played cheerless songs, swaying back and forth. The first two songs could still be called “listenable”. During the third, it became clear that the drummer beats the same rhythm. In addition, the vocalist, a sort of a diva, said that he actually couldn’t bear to entertain people, but sort of had to do it … Well, no one was upset when, after half an hour the stage workers began the changeover for the long-awaited Kasabian.


Kasabian is one of the few bands that I learned to love only with my ears (which may probably sound weird). I have never googled their pictures or watched their shows on YouTube. Bur what I did was frequently listening to their albums and dancing to their music in the indie bars of Madrid. Before the concert my curiosity has won and made me read a couple of interviews and watch some videos to be aware of what was expecting me.


So, after checking the light, sound, smoke, and tuning six guys appeared on the stage – a singer, two guitarists, a drummer, a bassist and a trumpet player.

They started with the first single from the new album called “Days are Forgotten”, followed by the familiar “Shoot the Runner”. And so one by one: a new song, followed by an oldie. The crowd warmed up quickly and started jumping and pushing each other.


I was especially pleased with my favorite song “ID”, a quotation from which starts this article. Wonderful, unforgettable … a combination of light, smoke, and the unique sound.

Kasabian also played “Fast Fuse”, connecting it with the Dick Dale’s “Misirlou” — a famous melody from «Pulp Fiction».


Before the concert I doubted whether it’s gonna be dynamic enough… After all, half of the songs from the new album are slowly. I even “sinned” to say that the new album is boring. By the live performance there was no doubt in dynamics of Kasabian, who get the stadiums full of fans back home in England. “La Fee Verte”, “Man of Simple Pleasures”, “Goodbye kiss” are slowly indeed, but charged with boiling green energy. These songs were very comfortable to listen since they weren’t accompanied by leaps and slam of the crowd.


Lead singer Tom Meighan sent us kisses after each song, showing off a trendy jacket and dark glasses. Guitarist and songwriter Sergio Pizzorno is kind of a frontman too, so he kept our attention surprising with his unusually high voice. I  would especially like to mention a song from their new album called “Switchblade Smiles” — a wild creature with glaring mix of drum and bass, which makes you move actively, even by the 100th listening. (Move! Can you feel it coming?)


Kasabian played 4 concerts in Germany with the same track list, which was discussed while staying in the queue. Therefore, the three “encore” songs weren’t a surprise for me … Tom finally took off his glasses and was glad that he could finally see.


The band got a verz warm reception of the crowd and thanked us with drive and visible joy of performance. It was a pleasure to be exactly at the right time in the right place. All doubts were dispelled, and music forecast for personal listening was clear — only Kasabian, probably, only the new album. Many, many times in a row.


Kasabian finished their performance with the song “Fire”.


Since I have missed the last train to Bremen anyway, and the next was only at 5 in the morning, I decided to wait for the musicians at the club. You know, without fanaticism, but rather just observe them. I still remember the pleasant experience of meeting the American band AFI.

We hadn’t to wait long. At first the «secondary» group members went out. The second guitarist and the drummer were took several pictures with the fans, and the bassist wasn’t even noticed leaving. And here they were — two frontmen, surrounded by bodyguards and awkwardly apologizing for the lack of time for autographs. What can you do when you’ve got schedule …


And then all happened according to plan — a night in a pleasant company with some coffee at McDonald’s and in the morning the first train to Bremen. And then just as the forecast: three weeks of continuous Kasabian in my head and looking forward to visit the next concert of now one of the favorite bands.

You won’t take me for a ride

I’m far too fast for you to keep up with me

(Kasabian Man Of Simple Pleasures 2011)


The pictures from the concert you’ll find here.


The track list of Kasabian 16.11.2011 in Hamburg:


Days Are Forgotten

Shoot The Runner



Where Did All The Love Go?


Man Of Simple Pleasures

Take Aim

Club Foot



La Fée Verte

Fast Fuse

Misirlou (Dick Dale and His Del-Tones cover)

Goodbye Kiss

L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)


Switchblade Smiles

Vlad The Impaler


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