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  • «A» is for amazing… Arctic Monkeys in Dusseldorf 11.11.2013

    - Понедельник, 30 Дек 2013 03:27 - No Comments

    The year is almost ended and it’s time to remember one of the coolest events I visited this year – the concert of the British indie rock band Arctic Monkeys in Dusseldorf on November 11th. For me November has always been the month with the hottest concerts – when the bands have already finished their […]

  • BMX Worlds Cologne 13.07.2013

    - Понедельник, 05 Авг 2013 01:30 - No Comments

    On July 13th I had luck to visit the BMX World Chanpionship (Snipes BMX Worlds 2013) which took place at Jugendpark Cologne. The contest gathered nearby 400 professionals and amateurs of this extreme sports art. During the whole BMX-weekend (12.-14.07.2013) around 12.000 viewers came to watch and support the athletes. The championship consisted of 5 […]

  • The next step.

    - Вторник, 18 Сен 2012 00:19 - No Comments

    It’s been long since I wrote something here. It’s just I didn’t have time, and then internet, and then I was just way too lazy. Still it’s time to make an update since I have got many news. On the 19th of June I defended my bachelor thesis about the «Consequences of a major sports […]

  • Happy New Year!

    - Суббота, 31 Дек 2011 02:59 - 1 Comment

    In my Russian blog I have a nice New Year tradition. I always write on the 31.December of every year a small article about the year which is about to leave and some expectations for the new one. Well it’s time to get international. :D   The year 2012 is not just the year of […]

  • My 22d summer

    - Понедельник, 05 Сен 2011 23:50 - No Comments

    My 22d summer has been really diverse because of many trips I made and pretty relaxed since I didn’t have to work. It has started in hot and sunny Madrid and continued with the great trip to Barcelona after which I left Spain where I spent 10 incredible months of my life. Just from Madrid […]

  • The blog guide

    - Четверг, 01 Сен 2011 01:41 - No Comments

    Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenidos and Dobro Pozhalovat’ to Helen Hёrst’ website! My name is still Alona and I am keeping my blog under the nickname Helen Hёrst already since 2007. It was created by my best friend Anton Reznichenko, the genius IT-guy from my home city, as the biggest present, since I often feel like sharing […]