Happy New Year!

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In my Russian blog I have a nice New Year tradition. I always write on the 31.December of every year a small article about the year which is about to leave and some expectations for the new one. Well it’s time to get international. :D


The year 2012 is not just the year of the end of the world, but also my year — the year of the Dragon (in Chinese Horoscope)! It means I will become 24. It seems not to be that far as we’ve celebrated the “millennium” in 2000… And then we were also promised to be close to the end. :)


My 2011 was pretty positive – an amazing half a year in Madrid, continued by six weeks at home in Russia and then my last semester at the University of Bremen. In the nearest future are my bachelor thesis and some active search for my own place in the world of adults.

I’m starting the coming year with a new «machine» – an e-book reader Sony Reader PRS T1. Let’s see — or better – let’s read. :)


For 2012 I wish you all good health, more positive happenings, success in achieving of your goals, only great music and good movies. Love and respect yourself, your family and friends. Don’t loose the magic of Christmas and New Year and do believe in Santa! :)


Hopefully the end of the world is going to wait another 100 years since it’s so interesting to see what will happen next.


Happy New Year, dear friends!!!

Happy New Year! (Madrid, 12.2010)

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